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Templates September 28, 2006

Posted by devilskitchen in Blogging.
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Oh, and while we’re about it: most of the templates here are really fucking ugly. The ones that aren’t all have some functional problem: no Title, no Meta or, most crazily, putting italicised or bolded words into a different colour which is utterly unreadable!

Look, you idiot: I have put the words into bold or italics so that they stand out, for fuck’s sake: I don’t need them put into unreadable colours too.

The fact that one cannot edit one’s CSS without paying for it is, in my opinion, absolute rubbish. Oh well…


Bastard Blogger September 28, 2006

Posted by devilskitchen in Blogging.
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In the face of Blogger’s current, and severe, problems I feel that this bastardisation, sent to me by James Higham, is appropriate.

To post, or not to post: that is the question:
whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
the slings and arrows of outrageous Blogger
or to take arms against a sea of endless loops
and, by pressing Republish, end them?

To waste hours idly looping, to sleep no more
while Blogger refuses to fucking Publish;
and by a sleep, to say we end the heart-ache,
knowing the bloody thing never got posted
when it said it did, wot; and the thousand
natural shocks that the computer is heir to,
’tis a consummation devoutly not to be wish’d
upon any fellow blogger.

Quite so. You’ll find me here for the moment, until Blogger has got a fucking grip on itself. This is not a permanent move, so I’d recommend not bookmarking it. I might well make the jump to WordPress (I need to spech it for a potential client anyway) but I shall do so on my own servers.

Meanwhile, let’s hope that Blogger sorts itself out sharpish.

Welcome to the Coven September 7, 2006

Posted by devilskitchen in Blogging, The Devil Himself.
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Mildly exasperated with the exigencies of Blogger, I have decided to try out WordPress and see how it goes. Posts will be cross-posted for a little while, until I am satisfied with WordPress’s utility.

When I do switch, it will be onto my own server, so do not bookmark this link.